Housing Market Projections

Housing Market Forecasts for 2020

   Happy New Year!  While many are trying to adhere to their New Year’s resolutions, such as dieting, exercise, maybe finding a new job or a new relationship, real estate investors are on an emotional rollercoaster about the prospective housing market for this year.   Expert predictions of real estate trends for Florida in 2020 are variable, at best, with some market predictions for the Sunshine state being positive and others projecting a doom and gloom forecast. 

   Over the past decade, the housing market across the United States was strong, with the number of investors and buyers often exceeding the availability of inventory.  This was a consequence of a thriving economy, with low unemployment rates, low interest rates and various other economic factors.  Potential buyers and sellers were able to fulfill their dreams.  Although real estate forecasts can differ from state to state, the Florida Realtor Association recently reported that housing sales were up, almost by 15% in November of 2019 and the housing inventory was low.  While this appears to be good news for the housing market in 2020, there are inconsistencies in the economists’ predictions for the year ahead. According to a study done by the 2018 Q2 Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, a study which included the polling of one hundred real estate experts and economists, they believed we will be entering into a housing recession beginning this year.  However, as 2019 progressed, Zillow recanted that position, advising that there will most likely not be a recession in 2020, as the economy has shown signs of growth and there is healthy consumer confidence.  In a survey that was conducted in August, 2019, of more than 200 economists, by the National Association for Business Economics, 72% believe there will be a recession, beginning in 2020. They cited trade policy, stock market volatility and rising interest rates as likely reasons for the next recession. In spite of the negativity of some real estate predictions, many believe that it is likely that the Florida real estate market will continue to flourish and it is a favorable environment for a lucrative investment.  Florida is the fastest growing state in the country, with Central Florida having the fastest growing cities in the United States.  There continues to be a high influx of northerners, immigrants from other countries and tourism driving the economy.

   While the real estate market is cyclical, with periods of high and lows, one thing is certain; every real estate transaction, whether buying, selling or leasing residential or commercial property, is best handled by a knowledgeable real estate attorney. The services of an attorney can safeguard your rights and ensure that you negotiate and close the deal, while protecting your interests and assets.  Whether you are a business owner, a real estate investor, an inheritance beneficiary, or an individual buying or selling your home, the Boutty Law Firm is experienced and effective in real estate and business law transactions.  Start the New Year off right, by calling for a consultation to discuss your real estate goals with a trusted attorney.   

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